Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Transformed by a can of paint

   You can transform even the ugliest, worn out piece of furniture with a can or two of spray paint!  I love to treasure hunt at garage sales and thrift shops--searching for the forgotten (and hopefully really cheap) piece of furniture dying for a makeover.  It looks at me pitifully from under a pile of clothes or stashed in a corner and begs to be saved from the impending doom of the landfill.

This little table was one of those finds at a recent barn sale.  At first, I though it was a small cupboard for holding extra dishes.  After several attempts to open the doors (I looked like somewhat of an idiot trying), one of the guys running the sale assisted me.  It turns out this little gem is a Lane cedar chest.  You push in the button on the front and the top pops up (the doors are faux).  The chest was in perfect condition (compared to the outside) and smelled wonderful.  I snatched it up for $10!

Once it was home, I took off the knobs to be sprayed gold and taped off the back before spraying it a matte white.  It took about 3 cans of paint and 3 coats.

Handy Tip #1:  I never used to take the time to tape off the back of a piece until I sold a dresser one day and noticed in horror all the drips and overspray on the back when they were loading it into the truck...yikes.  If you don't want to spend the coin to buy a roll of the Kraft paper, you can cut-up a paper grocery sack.  It's a little more time consuming, and you may have to piece a few together, but it's free.

Handy Tip #2:  The key to spray painting is to do several light coats to avoid drips.  This is hard for us impatient makeover artists, but believe me it's worth the wait.

Handy Tip #3:  Spray painting can be a mess since the over spray can drift onto other things you may not want to paint a bright pink--such as your bbq.  I created a small spray paint area in our back deck with plastic and canvas drop cloths held in place with a few rocks from the garden.  Easy and less expensive than buying your husband a new bbq.  

Here's a pic of my elaborate spray station.
Here she is waiting to for her new home at a recent flea market.
All together, this cute little chest only cost about $20!  Have fun treasure hunting and don't overlook that sad little piece of furniture--you may be saving a life! 

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