Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Transformed by a can of paint

   You can transform even the ugliest, worn out piece of furniture with a can or two of spray paint!  I love to treasure hunt at garage sales and thrift shops--searching for the forgotten (and hopefully really cheap) piece of furniture dying for a makeover.  It looks at me pitifully from under a pile of clothes or stashed in a corner and begs to be saved from the impending doom of the landfill.

This little table was one of those finds at a recent barn sale.  At first, I though it was a small cupboard for holding extra dishes.  After several attempts to open the doors (I looked like somewhat of an idiot trying), one of the guys running the sale assisted me.  It turns out this little gem is a Lane cedar chest.  You push in the button on the front and the top pops up (the doors are faux).  The chest was in perfect condition (compared to the outside) and smelled wonderful.  I snatched it up for $10!

Once it was home, I took off the knobs to be sprayed gold and taped off the back before spraying it a matte white.  It took about 3 cans of paint and 3 coats.

Handy Tip #1:  I never used to take the time to tape off the back of a piece until I sold a dresser one day and noticed in horror all the drips and overspray on the back when they were loading it into the truck...yikes.  If you don't want to spend the coin to buy a roll of the Kraft paper, you can cut-up a paper grocery sack.  It's a little more time consuming, and you may have to piece a few together, but it's free.

Handy Tip #2:  The key to spray painting is to do several light coats to avoid drips.  This is hard for us impatient makeover artists, but believe me it's worth the wait.

Handy Tip #3:  Spray painting can be a mess since the over spray can drift onto other things you may not want to paint a bright pink--such as your bbq.  I created a small spray paint area in our back deck with plastic and canvas drop cloths held in place with a few rocks from the garden.  Easy and less expensive than buying your husband a new bbq.  

Here's a pic of my elaborate spray station.
Here she is waiting to for her new home at a recent flea market.
All together, this cute little chest only cost about $20!  Have fun treasure hunting and don't overlook that sad little piece of furniture--you may be saving a life! 

Take care, 


Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello Old Friends

Hello Everyone,


I've been away from my blog for quite awhile.  It's been a busy, busy time. Here's a quick recap:

I set up a second home in beautiful, sunny Roseville, CA (think wine country, San Francisco, and sandy beaches - all are about 2 hrs from Roseville).  My husband has semi-retired here and all of our children/grandson are here.  We are working on a new business venture, but I still have to go back-and-forth to Boise for my current "day job".

I also closed up my antique booth at the Antique World Mall in Boise since I won't be there enough to manage it.  It was a hard decision as I loved my little booth.  But those of you who have the antiquing "bug" know it's always with you--and a new treasure is only a yard sale or thrift shop away.

For example, I stumbled upon an adorable shop called The Blue Vignette in Roseville.  It's filled to the rafters with colorful, fun vintage and shabby chic decor and European imports.  They also have classes such as painting with chalk and reclaimed wood art--to name a few.  

The owner Christina and her adorable side-kick MaryPaula were so nice to chat with me for awhile about the shop and classes they offer.  AND they mentioned a flea market in the parking lot every few months where vendors (hmmm....do we know a displaced vendor) can setup and sell their wares for the weekend.  I plan on taking some pics of the shop to post here when I get back to Boise (heading back to work there for 2 weeks).  Here's a link to their website (also added them in my sidebar links).


Last, but not least, I've been working on writing a novel. Yes, a novel!  It a fun, ChickLit comedy.  I'm publishing it on Wattpad.  If you're not familiar with Wattpad, it's an awesome free website for writers and readers.  Writers can post finished stories or post chapters as they complete them.  Readers can download the stories on the Wattpad app via smart phone or tablet/laptop and provide feedback and vote for stories as they read.  I just hit 14,000 reads and over 400 votes (and received great feedback on my book so far). It's exciting to do something you love and get acknowledgment that you don't suck at it.

Here's a link to Wattpad and my novel "The Write Choice".


I wish you all the luck in doing what you love and stay tuned for some pics of the adorable Blue Vignette shop next time.

Take care,


Friday, March 1, 2013

Fabulous French Burlap Table Makeover


Last summer, I bought a sad little white table at a yard sale for $3.00.  It had good, sturdy bones and a cool art deco design on the side.  The poor little thing has been begging me for a makeover ever since. 

I finally gave in and decided to give my sad little table a new decoupage burlap top.  I've tried many decoupage techniques for paper and fabric but never on thick burlap.  I picked out a fun, burlap pattern with french words and a wine theme, since the table will be located in the bar area of the house. 

Fabric was 9.99/yard on sale at Jo-ann's fabric. 

It was fairly easy to decopauge the burlap on to the top of the table.  The hardest part was cutting the fabric to the correct size.  I made a pattern out of some old wrapping paper by tracing the top of the table with pencil onto the paper and cutting out. 

It was sooooooo cute!  And the old, sad table started to smile.

The white legs no longer went with her new "rustic-french" look.  After painting the art deco design black, I rubbed some bronzing paint with a clean, white cloth onto the legs and shelf.  You work very fast, rubbing on and then rubbing off the paint for a weathered look.  And the old, sad table started to shine.

With her new fancy french look, she only needed a few choice decorative accessories to be ready for cocktail hour. 

Accessories:  Ballard Designs wire tealight, boxwood ball from Tai Pan, and vintage wood cigar press from the antique mall).

Her debut was a smashing success and cocktail hour has never been so delightful!
Just goes to show, you're never too old or frumpty for a fabulous makeover!
Take care,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cute Booth


The following pics are from a cute booth at Antique World Mall that I always pop into when I'm in the shop.  I haven't met the dealer yet, but have worshiped her booth from afar.  I especially like how she decoupaged brown, vintage looking paper onto a plain white shelf (you know I love, love decoupage from previous posts).  Her booth is in the very first aisle on the far left of the mall when you come in the front door.




Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New blogger-Simply Homemade Mommas


I wanted to share with you some exciting blogger news.

My daughter-in-law, Annie, is starting a new blog called Simply Homemade Mommas (see this link and also link in my fav website):


She is a stay-at-home Momma of my adorable 18-month-old grandson who dedicates her days to finding wholesome, natural solutions for everything from child care and cooking to household products.

I constantly tell my son how lucky he is-as I hated to cook and he grew up on McDonald's and mac-n-cheese! She is always amazing us with delicious, wholesome meals on a budget!

She is getting ready to do her first official post of a "how to" to make charming Mr. & Mrs. pillows for your bed that are easy and inexpensive!

I predict her blog will be a smashing success and provide valuable info for Mommas everywhere. Welcome Simply Homemade Mommas!

Take care,


Monday, January 7, 2013

Dreaming of Spring


Now that the decorations and sparkly lights have been put away and beloved family have gone home, it's hard not to feel depressed with the long, dark days.

But in the depths of winter, sleeping just below the blanket of snow, is the promise of Spring. It will pop up just when we've lost all hope of ever seeing it again. We only have to believe....

Enjoy the following pics of my BFs beautiful garden. Looking at her desolate yard this weekend, even we can't believe it ever looked this beautiful. But we have faith, and once again Spring will come!

Take care,


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece


Happy new year! If you're like me, on New Year's Day you're tired of Christmas (it's been out in the stores since Sept) and are ready to take it all down and stuff it back up in the attic.

Before I do, I wanted to share with you my Eiffel Tower centerpiece I did on my table for Christmas. It's no secret I'm obsessed with Paris and have an obscene amount of Eiffel towers. I will actually be going in mid June for my bday. I hope I don't hyperventilate and pass out when I see it in person!

I used a large Eiffel Tower I found last year at Marshall's (love that store) and put a light-up antique store that was an early Xmas present from my BF underneath. I then surrounded it with green and white trees and busy shoppers running to-and-fro. My favorite part of the display is a chandelier ornament I strung with small battery operated led rice lights (from craft warehouse). It adds that extra whimsical sparkle when the lights are off! The table runner has black French script writing (from Tai Pan).

I think I'll keep the Eiffel Tower up all year and change the display underneath to match the season/holiday (is it too early for valentines day?).

Hope you have a relaxing and renewing day.